Mt.Fuji hibachi steak house Asian fusion
11:00 am -10:00 pm
11:00am - 11:00pm
12:00am - 10:00pm
Kitchen Appetizer

Kimchi 3

Spicy Korean pickled cabbage

Edamame 4

Steamed young soy bean tossed with sea-salt

Age Tofu 5

Gently fried bean curd with tempura sauce

Gyoza 5

Pan-fried pork dumpling

Haru Maki 5

Fried Japanese vegetarian spring roll

Shumai 5

Steamed shrimp dumpling

Tatsuta-age 6

Diced chicken nugget deep fried to perfection

Tempura 8

Lightly battered deep fried shrimp and vegetable

Satay Chicken 7

Thai style mild spicy chicken on skewers

Yakitori 7

Grilled chicken on skewers

Crispy Soft Shell Crab 8

Beef Negimaki 8

Beef & scallion rolled with teriyaki sauce

Coconut Shrimp 8

Coconut shrimp with mango sauce

Satay Beef 8

Thai style mild spicy beef on skewers

Rock Shrimp 9

Tempura shrimp and sweet potato with spicy Japanese dressing

Thai Style Calamari 9

Deep fried calamari served with Thai style sweet chili sauce

Mango Shrimp Roll 12

Sliced mango wrapped with shrimp, crab, cucumber

and asparagus

Black Cod W. Amaebi 13

Grilled black cod in miso sauce w. jumbo sweet shrimp

New Zealand Baby Lamb Chop 14

Grilled baby lamb chop with chef’s special sauce

Kobe Carpaccio 16

Thin sliced kobe in ponzu sauce with

garlic cilantro chive

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